Zebra ImagePerfect technology used for quality inspection in a manufacturing production line

Zebra’s ImagePerfect: Fast and Effective Quality Inspection

The business case for automated data capture and machine vision imaging solutions is relatively simple. Workers simply can’t capture data or at the same pace as fixed industrial scanners or machine vision smart cameras. Nor can they conduct visual examinations with the same level of accuracy.

Every barcode can be manually scanned, and every visual inspection can be performed by workers on the line. However, production can only proceed at a rate that workers can keep up with.

Let technology handle data capture or visual product inspection, and the rate of production can accelerate significantly.

But that doesn’t mean there are no limits on the pace of production when you automate data capture and visual inspection. Simple factors such as inconsistent lighting, variable focal distances, or uneven exposure can create misreads. They can lead to low-quality images that require bypass systems or false rejects.

To capture the full value of your fixed industrial scanning or machine vision solutions, you need technology that is designed to overcome these variables. It must deliver high-quality images at fast read rates that maximize production.

But that hasn’t always been easy.

Zebra’s ImagePerfect Technology and Its Features

Zebra’s new portfolio of fixed industrial scanning and machine vision solutions addresses the need for reliable images at high read rates. It does so with several Zebra-only technologies. One of these is called ImagePerfect.

1. Capturing Multiple Images

With ImagePerfect, a single camera can instantly capture multiple graphics. It allows Zebra scanners and smart cameras to capture up to 16 different images with a single trigger event.

2. Scanning Multiple Barcodes

It can also scan multiple barcodes using unique settings for focus, exposure, gain, illumination control, and other factors. This can deliver the perfect images needed to support automated decision-making and tracking systems.

3. Automatic Image Adjustment

ImagePerfect accounts for the imaging variables that can limit the capabilities of automated inspection systems. As a result, it makes it easy to build a solution capable of accurately detecting even the smallest defects. Moreover, it can capture data from challenging barcodes at very high production rates.

This multi-image solution can eliminate the need for multiple cameras, greatly simplifying your automation solutions. You’re getting all the images you need from a single camera. So, you can implement automation solutions that cost less upfront, are easier to maintain, and have a lower TCO over the long term.

Works Together with Zebra Aurora

ImagePerfect is built into Zebra Aurora software, a single unified platform. It makes it easy to set up, deploy, and run all of Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras.

With Aurora, you don’t need an advanced degree in automated imaging to build an effective solution. In fact, even first-time users can access the full power of this technology. They can create an automated imaging solution that accounts for a wide range of imaging variables.

This technology is just one of the class-leading features available across Zebra’s entire portfolio of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras.

Deploy ImagePerfect with Zebra and Tensor ID

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