Zebra Technologies machine vision solutions in an industrial setting

Durable Machine Vision Solutions for Industrial Use

What do you imagine if you think of sophisticated automated imaging solutions? The first thing many think of is a complex manufacturing environment that resembles a laboratory rather than an industrial production line.

It’s easier to imagine carefully calibrated scanners and cameras in a high-tech, climate-controlled environment where they do not get exposure to extreme conditions or rough handling.

It’s true that there is widespread use of state-of-the-art imaging solutions in high-tech applications like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and electronics. But it’s also common to find fixed industrial scanners (FIS) and machine vision (MV) cameras in settings that don’t resemble a laboratory.

Industrial Application of Machine Vision Solutions

Today, every industry from automotive manufacturing and food/beverage packaging to warehousing and logistics augments its automation solutions with sophisticated data capture tools.

Basically, anywhere there’s automation, there are applications for FIS and MV. They allow effective tracking and tracing, product inspection, quality control, and production monitoring.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll find the same devices you see in a pharmaceutical laboratory at use in a factory or warehouse.

Devices that operate in climate-controlled environments aren’t suitable for an industrial setting. Cameras and scanners there may face exposure to everything from extreme temperatures and moisture to plain old rough handling.

Zebra’s Rugged Technology Is Ideal for Industrial Settings

Zebra has brought their data capture expertise to FIS and machine vision systems.

Zebra is famous around the globe for its rugged mobile handheld computers, rugged tablets, and ultra-rugged barcode scanners. They combine industry-leading data capture capabilities with the matchless durability necessary to perform in the toughest environments.

For Zebra, toughness is always the starting point. That reflects across their entire portfolio of FIS and MV devices.

Devices like Zebra’s new FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner and VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera have been engineered for durability. Their purpose is to help users in any industry get the most out of modern imaging and automation. No matter how tough their environment.

Designed to Withstand Dust, Cold, Moisture, and Rough Handling

The rugged design starts with an industrial green aluminum housing that immediately identifies it as a Zebra device. Aluminum is both lightweight and strong, and it’s chemical and oil resistant. As a result, companies can install Zebra’s scanners and cameras in virtually any setting.

The extra durable design of Zebra’s FIS and machine vision tools is more than skin deep, however. That’s because Zebra thoroughly understands the challenges that sensitive devices face in today’s industrial settings.

Zebra seals each model in its lineup against dust and moisture with IP65 and IP67 ingress protection ratings. This means they are completely sealed against solid objects like dust and debris. Moreover, they are able to withstand high-power washdowns or even total immersion in water.

Zebra devices like the FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner and the VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera are also rated for use in low temperatures. They can operate in temperatures ranging from 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C). They can also sustain the widest possible range of humidity conditions.

No device earns the Zebra name without being able to survive extreme bumps, vibrations, and drops. So, Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners and machine vision cameras have been engineered and tested for shock resistance and vibration resistance ratings.

Therefore, they are suitable for work in truly industrial settings. Neither the vibration of a high-speed conveyor line nor the occasional knock from clumsy technicians are going to pose a threat to these devices.

Improve Your Operations with Zebra Technologies and Tensor ID

Tensor ID has more than 50 years of combined machine vision and industrial automation experience. Due to that, we are a trusted single-source partner who can develop a solution that delivers real-world results.

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