Software that Makes Machine Vision Solutions Easy

The past few years have seen rapid growth in the use of fixed industrial scanners (FIS) and machine vision (MV) solutions. This technology has replaced human vision and manual inspection with video cameras, computers, and software.

A growing number of businesses have adopted them to give their operations an edge and to satisfy changing customer expectations.

In fact, according to Grand View Research, the machine vision market topped $12 billion in 2020. Industry experts expect it to reach more than $21 billion within the decade.

This increase is due to the solutions being adopted in a wide range of industries. From automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturing to logistics operations and food and beverage companies, businesses deploy FIS and MV tools.

These solutions help them with process control, automation, and quality control. They provide product inspection and defect detention in production lines at an improved rate and higher accuracy.

Challenges Leading to Slow Application of Machine Vision Solutions

Despite the rapid growth of the machine vision marketplace, some businesses have been slow to deploy it. One of the primary drawbacks has been the perceived complexity of the available solutions.

Leaders recognize the potential cost savings and quality improvements they can gain with machine vision systems. Nonetheless, they’ve hesitated to invest in these solutions. That’s due to a belief that one needs a doctorate in artificial intelligence or advanced imaging to put a system in place.

Like most “edge” technologies, reluctance to adopt machine vision solutions has been most common in small and midsize operations. It’s also common in industries that tend to have fewer resources to dedicate to new technologies.

Often, these businesses have an impression of machine vision technology that has been shaped by legacy solutions. They are regarded as complex and dependent on people with advanced technology understanding.

Zebra Aurora, a Single Platform to Simplify Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision Tools

The good news is that Zebra has set out to simplify the world of fixed industrial scanning and machine vision systems. With the launch of their new portfolio of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision cameras, they’ve introduced Zebra Aurora. It’s a single software platform that makes it easier to benefit from these solutions.

The Benefits of Using Zebra Aurora

1. Simpler Employee Onboarding

With it, any business that wants to add FIS or MV capabilities has to master one unified set of hardware and software tools. Workers have to learn a single intuitive toolset. As a result, employee onboarding and training are much simpler.

Moreover, when they need to re-task scanners or cameras for a new workflow, everything is streamlined because there’s no additional learning curve.

2. Easy to Use for both New and Experienced Staff

Zebra Aurora’s intuitive modern interface eliminates the need to hunt for features, making even the most complicated functions easy to access.

The platform offers flexibility that makes it easy for first-time users to navigate. It also gives experienced users easy access to streamlined processes that reduce the number of clicks necessary to complete tasks.

This simplified approach makes it easy for even the newest users to access advanced features. For example, Zebra Aurora includes advanced Object Locate technology.

It allows the system to quickly and accurately locate an object regardless of orientation, position, lighting, or other factors. With other systems, this type of advanced feature requires multiple steps to access and careful calibration to deploy. Meanwhile, Zebra Aurora puts it at users’ fingertips—right out of the box.

3. Easy Access from Anywhere

Another way that Zebra Aurora has simplified FIS or MV solutions is with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) dashboard. It puts actionable data and intelligence at users’ fingertips.

Operators can access the HMI dashboard via any web browser or by directly connecting a monitor to the scanner or camera. So, there’s no need to install a PC at every station.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Tensor ID and Zebra Technologies

Zebra’s unified solution to hardware and software is a vastly simplified approach to sophisticated automation systems. It’s a huge leap forward for any business that’s been on the fence with regard to fixed industrial scanning and machine vision technology.

To learn more and get started, contact your Tensor ID representative today.