Empty Can and End Cap Inspection

Empty Can and End Cap Inspection:  Tensor ID, Inc., a leader in AI vision systems has developed an Empty Can and end cap inspection solution specifically for today’s high-speed food and beverage industry. All body or rim dents that are detected, get tracked and rejected to ensure that only quality products are produced.

Inspecting empty cans before filling is a MUST. There are many things that can go wrong causing down time, customer complaints and more.

At Tensor ID we have developed easy to use camera system to inspection for

  • Flage Damage
  • Sidewall damage
  • Base damage
  • Debris in can
  • End Cap Inspection
  • Score Information

With our new “DENT ID” AI Inspection solution, Customers can easily train defects and take ownership of these camera system like never before. No more complex software that takes an engineer to figure out how to use it, we have a “Ready Solution” for you.

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More pictures and videos coming.