Tensor ID Cap Inspection

Detects cap, band integrity and fill level in filled bottles

Cap Inspection: Tensor ID, Inc. , a leader in vision inspection systems has developed a full bottle inspection system specifically for today’s high-speed beverage industry that inspects filled bottles at high production line speeds for proper fill level, cap position (missing, incorrect, skewed and under- or over-torqued cap) and tamper-band integrity. All defective bottles are automatically rejected, ensuring that only quality products are produced.

By reliably detecting package defects, the TID system improves automation in manufacturing ensuring that defective bottles do not reach the retail shelf, where they can lead to costly product recalls, retailer complaints and consumer harm that can lead to liability issues. This, in turn, protects the brand image, an invaluable asset that is easy to lose but difficult to regain.

The TID system is easy to use, enabling operators to set up inspections and perform automatic changeovers using a user-friendly touch-screen menu on the system’s GUI. Tensor ID, Inc. installs the turnkey system over an existing production line, saving valuable plant floor space and installation time, and provides startup run testing and operator training as part of the implementation.

Reach out to us for more information on our vision inspection systems for bottle caps.